Monday, March 31, 2014

Armchair View of Ijen Volcano in Indonesia

I  have heard about volcano in books and I do not think many of us will have a chance to see a volcano in active during our lifetime unless you go on globe trotting with meticulous planning and see countries at quite pace which i have made it as a hobby.I do not worry about the breaks in my backpacking trips as I have our loved ones to take care and enjoy the family life too.But my daughter and her friends heard about this Ijen volcano in Indonesia and decided to climb and see this Marvel .

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mall:Mall of Asia In Manila,Philippines

I do not want to miss to visit the Asia largest shopping Mall and No.3 in the World, situated at Manila Bay.This Mall is built in two floors and can get a spectacular view of the sea from different wings.No wonder the Mall attracts about 5 lac visitors a day from all over the world.You have to take a MRT to Taft avenue and from their a jeepney to reach this place.As we were hungry by the time we reached the mall ,we entered one of the restaurants facing the entrance and ordered for Vegetarian delights.From there we had a good view of the people entering and the crowd coming in waves.

Ice Skating Rink, Mall of Asia, Manila Bay, Philippines,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Stanley Village A Quiet Recluse In Hongkong

I have been staying in Hongkong for more than seven days now.Since I did not have any plans for today I decided to go to Stanley Market .I was thinking that this place is like other markets in Hongkong.I took the train and went to central the place I am familiar with now and start searching this place in the map in the MTR station.All stations in Hongkong have big displays showing the places of interest in Hongkong and the places of interest near the station.The show which exit to be taken and nearby stop clearly,one will have to note down the details and start walking towards the point.Very very simple.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy Valley Race Course View In Hongkong

One can see Photographs of Hongkong from the Victoria harbour view.Tourists also flock in numbers to see the skycrapers lit with lights sitting on the Kowloon side looking into the other bank with awe as the Symphony of Lights laser light show starts and mesmerises them.But many will not able to see the wonders as mostly the sky is covered with haze coming from mainland for most part of the year.Getting a clear sky one must be lucky.But that does not stop Mainlanders ,from making a trip in weekends.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On The Right Note-Road Cleaning In Hongkong ! !

Hongkong is true to his own identity in many respects.Be it the public transport,Financial markets,Adventure trails.Nothing can beat the fast changing dynamic country even after its release from Britishers many years ago.I admire the pedestrian Footpaths in Hongkong. One day I was walking towards the Ladies market in the afternoon.I always admired the broad 3.5 metre minimum width of foot paths in all roads.Very very broad and user friendly and without any humps and evenly laid with markers showing the direction. 

Hongkong, Road Cleaning, Foot path, Gandhi World Foundation,

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Date With JamesBond Island,El Nido,Philippines.

Whoever going on a world tour would like to visit as many beaches as possible.They will be quite impressed if they come accross utopian pristine paradise beaches untouched by human crowd say tourists.Few can compete with El Nido in Philippines.The island offers many tours which take you to these remote beaches untouched by human vegetation.

El Nido,Philippines,Jamesbond Island

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Visa : Visa On Arrival At Surabaya Airport In Indonesia

We were relieved of the trouble going to an embassy and submitting our request for Visa and waiting to get them stamped.When we arrived in Surabaya Airport in Indonesia from Singapore we were welcomed with a Visa on arrival facility and the process was very simple.As we had exchanged USD 25 for each of us to get the Visa stamped on arrival it hardly took 3 minutes to get the Visa stamped and we were in a line to the Immigration counter.Mostly the locals were returning from work in our flight our Immigration process was very simple.As my daughter had the Singapore ID card and stay permit not much questions were asked.The Visa officer asked where we are going straight.I told him that I am going to Probolinggo.He could not get it correct.