Friday, December 25, 2015

Have You Seen The Hanging Bird Cages In Singapore

Singapore is one of the biggest cities in the world to live and the quality of life is very high.It is common to see people walking across the streets,malls,estates to go and catch the Public Transport be it a MRT or SMRT Bus.Even Visitors have to do the same few minutes walking to catch the Bus  or Train.So I tend to do shortcuts to cut across HDB Estates to reach our nearest Public Transport.As I walk I used to notice a number of Flag polls standing in a patch of green.

I used to wonder why these flag posts so many of them without any flags standing in the open garden.Normally I leave my apartment in the evenings only to go for a walk.But one day I had to go to Little India to collect visa papers.And had to leave by 10 AM in the morning.when I was crossing these flag posts they were different colours of cages hanging out from the top of these posts.

Again I thought these are christmas decorations which are hanging and will be lit in the evening to give a festival look for the HDB Estate.But I could see group of Retired citizens sitting in groups and were having a nice chat.That triggered something in me.Why these 5 to 6 groups sitting in the hot sun and having a conversation which they could well do in the late evenings when the climate is cool after a drizzle.

As I watch these people they were staring at me also then the chipping sounds of Birds hit me.I moved and strained my eyes to see these colourful Hanging Baskets at the top of the posts.There to my astonishment beautiful little birds of different sizes making the squawking noises and were moving around literally enjoying their surroundings.

I have been to Singapore to many times and I used to see little Eurasian Tree Sparrows,House Crows and Cocky Javan Mynas sometime Squirrels crossing your path across as you walk by.Once I crossed a Girl carrying a multicoloured Parrot in her hand and walking with her friend.That little bird was talking continuously as both of them passed me and my daughter.

I know Singapore Government takes care of its people needs and works in the interest of the city always.With so much greenery and forests around it is no wonder so many birds fly around and one can hear their humming sounds if you are in Bukit Batok area.

The owners of these birds also make it a point to bring them out of their apartments and make them feel in their natural surroundings.In this highly cosmopolitised society no wonders the seniors are taking care of the nature and do carry out daily chores in a simple way and help to preserve the nature.

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