Friday, January 1, 2016

The Classic Batik Street Of Yogyakarta In Indonesia

Indonesia is one of those countries that raised eyebrows whenever I told someone I was heading there.They were still amazed with open eyes that I will be staying in Yogyakarta for a week.Those who had no idea where Jogja was had a vague memory of Palaces and it was a Muslim Country with

strict enforcement of Relegion,those who knew it as a country affected by the Famous Asian crisis and still struggling to come out of that.Yogyakarta is a city of history.It dates back to 18 th century when the ancient Mataram Kingdom was ruling and was the centre of attraction.

The Kingdom built the biggest Buddhist Borobudur temple which was 300 years older than the Angkor wat temple in Cambodia.The Mataram Kingdom was divided into Two because of the conflict between brothers which was encouraged by Dutch.

The second Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Kingdom later came to be called as Yogyakarta.After Independence Yogyakarta was given special region status reporting directly to Jakarta.Now Jogja has become the Art and Cultural capital of Java and also a hub for Travellers to go to Borobudur and Parambanan temples.

And the town is full of Batik artists and Masters.Wherever you turn you will see Display of Batik prints and everyone will be inviting you to see their hand craft and choose to buy.One can watch the Batik demonstration  where the owner will explain the process one by one.It starts with dying the cloth ,coating the cloth with wax where you do not want to design and then dying the fabric again.

This process is repeated over and over again till you want the desired print achieved.Batiks are a perfect display into your home and are easily foldable to carry and occupies less space.Once you decide to hang it you have to iron the fabric and depending on your liking you can make a frame or just hang it.

In Yogyakarta at the start of the Maliboro street you will see a line of monuments displaying the different designs of Batik art.In evenings the place becomes active with vibrant local music and dance performances by the local native people.It will be an wonderful sight to watch with everyone

taking part in the Music including children dancing merrily around this display blocks.It is the right place for everyone to spend their evenings.

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