Monday, November 25, 2013

PARKS:Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) in Jakarta

The History of Jakarta refers back to the 14 th century during the development of a small Harbour called 'Sunda Kalapa' in Pajajaran and naturally Portuguese became the first European to arrive to trade.Prince Fatahillah seized this port in 1927 from Portuguese and changed the name to Jayakarta which means 'Victory'.That is how present day Jakarta came into existence.

We had planned to see all of Indonesia in one day  and the perfect place was Taman Mini  a 100 acre culture park which houses 33 pavilions representing the provinces (Kilimantan,Sumatra,Bali,Java,Sulawesi,,,) show casing the culture and tradition of Indonesian People.As we walked down we could see big Indonesian houses of different shapes and their interiors as well.

Each house depicts the traditional costumes,the artifacts used by the members of the family,the ceremonial dresses and the provinces unique architecture.In on of the provinces we saw a rice barn .It looked like a small house standing on 6 stilt verticals.

There was a park where hunting scene was enacted and a beautiful castle where one can dream fairy tales, all miniature in shape.The TMII park was so huge that it had a Bird park,a cactus garden,an orchid garden,an aquarium.

My advise is to take a monorail or cable car and see a birds eye view of the park and then cover the pavilions by walk so that one does not miss out any part of the Mini Indonesia.We failed to do that and became very tired when we reached halfway and was forced to sit on pillion of a  motorbike and cover the other half

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