Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TRAMS:Hongkong's cultural identity

We all know Hongkong is an expensive place to spend time, as it is being flooded by Mainlanders daily. In spite of the city's most highly regarded robust subway system M.T.R,Double-Decker buses,Taxis,Ferries... Trams find a place in the hearts of locals.

The Trams are very bright,airy,convenient and cheap.You have to pay a mere 2.3 HK$ to travel irrespective of stops.For the locals the speed does not matter much.They affectionately call it Ding Dongs,a ring of bells ushered by the driver when a pedestrian crosses the path.

Even the busy financial executives who do business across globe,take these Trams in the afternoons from their financial hub to the best local restaurants that cater to the taste buds of the locals in the Downtown areas.These double-Decker Trams carry close to 2 lac passengers daily.

Its popularity growing day by day and is overcrowded at times.One can see commuters standing closely  both in the lower and upper decks. One can get good views of the mega buildings especially the world leading banks headquarters as you travel along.These buildings remind us of the old glorious periods of doing banking in leisure.

All the afternoon markets like Ladies market,Gold fish market,Bird market can be reached and one can see the whole sale markets along the coast by travelling in this Trams.The picturesque sloping roads and winding paths when you travel to Kennedy Town is a unique experience which will linger in your mind for days.

The French operator who runs this 109 year old system relies on innovative ideas like leasing out antique Trams to parties and fixing attractive billboards on the sides of the cars.These trams are a unique experience for the tourists in Hongkong

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