Friday, November 15, 2013

WATER FALLS:Awesome Tappiya water falls in Ifugao Country

All of us feel overjoyed when we see a waterfall in its nature midst of forest dropping from a good height and flowing throughout the region.Imagine the mystic mountains closing you,cool breeze flowing, thundering storm waiting to pour.You can picture the scene we were walking to Tappiya water falls on way back from Batad World Heritage Rice Terraces village.

But the path which leads to this waterfall is scary and risky on a rainy day as we faced the  risk of rocks rolling down from above and the walk is never ending.

It was really a enchanting sight ,seeing the falls at close quarters with fumes of water spraying on us.Once we reached the falls and immersed in  its beauty, the sound of water made us relax and we immediately went in and had a good swim

The water was very cold as the temperature here drops to 17 degrees in night in a rainy season.One can swim into the deep,cold and clean water and feel refreshed after the adventurous walk to the village

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