Sunday, November 24, 2013

CABLE CARS : Gondola Lifts,Picturesque View Below !!!

A surprise .I know what is in your mind.Stop imagining the grand canal of Venice and the aroma of boating with your partner in waters surrounded by colonial buildings which are slowly submerging in sea water.I am taking you to get an idea about Cable cars,Gondola Lifts as they were known long time back and help you to plan to go and see awesome views from them in the coming holidays.

1.    Country:Switzerland   Place:Maannlichen   Opened:1979    Length:6.240 KM   Capa :4

2.    Country:Brazil   Place:Santa cataine  Opened:1998    Length:1.584 KM   Capa :6

3.    Country:Spain   Place:Central Pyrenne  Opened:1970    Length:1.20 KM   Capa :4

4.    Country:Germany  Place:Garmisch Partenkirchen  Opened:2006   Length:2.036 KM   Capa :8

5.    Country:Austria  Place:Bad Kleinkir chheim  Opened:1977   Length:1.745 KM   Capa :4

6.    Country:China  Place:Yuling Xue Shan  Opened:1997   Length:2.600 KM   Capa :6

7.    Country:France  Place:Haute Savoy  Opened:1972   Length:2.249 KM   Capa :4

I happened to see the cabins on my way to see the Bronze Buddha in Hongkong. Big cities are planning these cable cars as one of the Mass Transport System linking with Bus,Metro and Monorail.

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