Friday, June 27, 2014

Hostel : Backpackers Hongkong

Getting a cheap accommodation in Hongkong is a big thing.Many skip Hongkong because of this and searching the place of stay becomes another adventure for them.But there a lot of cheap,good affordable accommodation are available in Hongkong throughout the year.One need not worry about this.The youngsters are quite helpful and they speak good English.They go out of the way to help you to contact your owner and make them to come and stand near a junction to take you to your accommodation.There are many families who rent out their small place for a very cheap fee with all facilities available.Also there is a Backpackers accommodation available in Hongkong.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Journey Of Challenges-Sign Posts In Hongkong

I have travelled many Asian countries but nothing can beat Hongkong.The best Tourist friendly place but no doubt very expensive compared to other Asian countries.The moment you are out of the Immigration a big board with names of the important locations in Honkong combined with distance,time it will take to reach and the price you have to pay for taking different modes of transport welcomes you.It also has a very fast train  with limited stops to reach the major places escaping from the traffic jams but quite expensive.

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