Friday, December 13, 2013

Love Lock !! Hanging Bridge of Banaue,Philippines

It was my second day in Banaue.After a historic 48 hours journey from Manila by ohayami because of Typhoon Sati,I was sitting in Sanafe Lodge restaurant veranda and enjoying the scenery below.I could see fully grown rice terraces and a stream  and winding roads and a beautiful two storied brightly coloured homes at farthest.And I could see a Iron bridge connecting my place and the road below.

I could see school children taking their rucksacks chatting and walking across to the school on the other side.They just crossed the bridge in minutes which normally would have taken 30 minutes if they had taken the motorway.Such a nice arrangement for the youngsters to go by walking and save carbon foot prints .The Bridge was in good condition and well maintained.

After My Adventure hike to Stone walled Rice Terraces of Batad when I returned back in the evening,I requested the Jeepney Driver to stop the vehicle near the bridge and walked through it  to reach my Guest House.There was slight drizzle and little wind,so the Bridge was swaying as I put my steps one after another.But the guard rails were smooth and had a good grip and it was safe.Except school children and some old people many were not venturing through the Bridge.

A thought came to my mind if the younger generation Tourists start using this bridge which has a romantic view of the Mountains ,stream and valleys below and as in Europe if they carve their names in a lock and lock it to the steel meshes on the side and throw away the key to the stream below,this will become very popular once again and become a good Tourist attractions and the locals will benefit by this. Also this unity will ensure a ever lasting eternal relationship.

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