Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Eggs:Weird Balut The Filipino's Haute Cuisine

I was walking down the streets of Elnido in Palawan,Philippines..A man on motorbike was carrying a basket and was shouting Balot..Balot and people were eagerly waiting to buy .When I went near What I saw was eggs.Looked like Duck Eggs.I thought why people were buying eggs from street vendor.We do not see any where people selling eggs on road.

I went and enquired a person nearby.He said it was Balut.Very tasty.Why don't you try this in a restaurant.I asked him what was so special in this one.Eggs are normal protein food and included in children's nutrients on a daily basis.But the explanation he gave made me think for times to come.

Balut is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten with salt,garlic,chili and vinegar.One can see the formed shape of the chick inside the shell.The liquid around the embryo is sipped first and one has to take out the partly formed chick, mix with rice and eat it.They leave the whites behind..

This is served as appetisers in restaurants,fried in omelette's,mixed in pastries in Philippines and Filipinos throng for this one.I personally being a vegetarian do not advise this weird one.Balut Photo courtesy from junch

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