Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How To Do AdventureTrails in Hongkong !!

When ever, any one tells about Hongkong what comes to every ones mind is the bustling Financial capital and its busy streets and skyscrapers lining across Victoria Harbour.But having visited Hongkong this winter I was stunned by the other face of Hongkong.Its Calm,quiet beaches,beautiful mountains,secluded Bays and spectacular skyline as seen from Happy valley Race course and the famous Adventure Trails.

Yes you are going to make to these places when you visit again Hongkong the paradise of South East Asia.Also do not forget to take the Lantau trail when you visit the Bronze Buddha.After seeing the much visited tourist attractions ,I started following a sign which directed towards the mountains.

It was sunny and I felt fresh to walk through the unbeaten path.There were a few backpackers ahead of me.The trail lead to a big opening and there was a board display about the different trails running through Lantau mountain peak.

A man just has climbed up from the valley below and I could see the joy in his face.He could not speak English but by signs he told me the path and the beautiful scenery's around and the cool weather and stunning views of Hongkong on the way.

The signs were clear and the path was free of any bushes and what one needs is a liking to walk walk and walk.No need to wait for the transport.Just follow the signs and you will reach the villages near by and have a sumptuous food after a long and arduous walk.

I could see travellers of all ages were walking through the trails happily singing and making sounds.It reminds me of the Sound of Music film which I love to watch again and again.Happy Trailing.

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