Monday, December 2, 2013

How to Bargain in Big Markets of KL,Malaysia

The Jalan Petaling market in Jalan street comes to full life in the afternoon when all the tour buses dropping the tourist in the china town area of Puduraya in KL.The tourists from different countries were all spellbound seeing so many shops which displays many useful day to day articles and the prices quoted by the vendors are very much attractive to them.

This market which starts at 4 pm is definitely the largest open market in china town area and is the most diverse and colourful.The hawkers stalls are very much appealing and WOW is the word that describes

what I am seeing in front of my eyes.The stalls and the streets were overflowing with bargain hunters.The vendors were equally mischievous in giving quote to attract you first and pulling you to a net big priced 

articles and eventually unknowingly you fall into their hands of sweet talk and helpful smile.These vendors never give up.They will follow you halfway through the street and will make you to buy the piece shown to you in their shops.

This market has a good collection of Purses,Leather bags,Shoes,Watches,Pants,Gown and what not.You name them they will get you in minutes.The have a good network and easily can get the things you were looking for at short notice and if you are stubborn can get the thing at your price too.

As it nears evening more and more stalls will be put up and after 7 pm hardly you will find place to move about and you are struck in the crowds.There display of goods will make you wonder the authenticity of  and quality of goods.

No doubt your suspicion holds some truth and that is why I suggest to do the shopping here before sun sets and go for a chill out in the food stalls which come alive with offers and sumptuous food..

Even if you do not want to purchase anything it will be fun to wander through the streets and enjoy the bargaining conversation,loud sound of music,aroma of food being prepared in the roadside stalls which will eventually make you to give up and indulge in its surroundings.

Normally I enjoy walking around local food stalls talking to the guys and quench my appetite after ensuring that only vegetarian food is being offered to me.This is one of the markets where you will get a variety of fresh vegetarian delicacies and at a a very cheap price.

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