Sunday, December 29, 2013

VISA:No Visa Fees to Enter Philippines..!!

It is common to include visa fees when we plan our trips to South East Asia countries.The visa fees normally varies between 20  USD to 75USD .Many times we tend to keep the cash ready in hand at the airport immigration to have a smooth entry when we go for Visa on Arrival rout.,But the Philippines Government allows you a free entry without paying anything.But there is a catch.You must have valid US or Singapore visa with Multi entry status with it.

Manila Intramuros

When you present your passport at the immigration they stamp you with a 14 days visa to see Philippines
which is more than what you ask for.But the immigration officer is more comfortable with your US Visa as they will be able to check on line,it appeared so,as officer showed a smile in his face after entering my passport number in the system.You can also extend the Visa by going to the nearest embassy by paying a fee.


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