Friday, December 27, 2013

Win The little Big Battle - Climbing Mt.Bromo,Indonesia

After finishing the Sun rise tour which was covered with heavy fog which made me disappointed,we moved through the whispering Havannah to reach the base of Mt.Bromo.Fog had covered the hill tops but the ground level vicinity was excellent.Nearly 50 Four wheel drive Range rovers were parked near the barbed fencing and our jeep also joined.Immediately we got down and started walking towards the volcano base.But we could not walk fast as the ground was covered with dark black volcano ash which slowed us heavily.

Mt.Bromo Land Area
There were horsemen waiting to take traveller up to the steps of the volcano.Many took to horse ride but we decided to walk bravely.There were many valleys and hillocks made by the flow of Molten Lava and since it was loose ash we found it difficult to climb.
.Valleys in Mt.Bromo

Moreover the air was covered with ash particles due to the fog which made breathing difficult and irritating.At one stage we thought to take the pony ride but no men were seen as they had gone very fast to reach the base.

Mt.Bromo climbing steps

My suggestion is to use a pony to reach the steps and afterwards one can start climbing the steps which itself will consume most of your energy as they were very steep.We took rest at one of the landings in the climb.That is the time we saw a Family carrying offerings to the Volcano.

Both the newly married Bride and Bridegroom in their traditional costumes carrying the basket over their heads were climbing the steps with ease.We waited till they passed by and started climbing up.Finally we reached the top of the rim.But still the fog was in full swing and we could not see the bottom of the crater.

After a few minutes it cleared a bit and we could see up to some depth.Having satisfied with the experience I decided to take the steps back.Other members in the jeep had already gone back.When we were climbing the steps they were returning back.I know even at this pace will be late.

The fog had enveloped the whole area and the vicinity was very poor.The pungent smell of the fumes was in the air.I took some photographs and was satisfied the scenery around with the fog.may be in my next trip during summer I will be able to get a good view and can see the other volcanic mountains at the back drop of Mt.Bromo.

To my wonder when I reached the bottom I could see so many pony waiting for the tourists.To my dismay many people just return back when the saw that the mountain was covered under fog.They miss a life time opportunity to visit Mt.Bromo.

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