Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nest:Expensive Birds Nest Soup Improves MACHO !!

El Nido in Philippines is  a small town with narrow streets parallel to the beach gets its name because of its edible birds nests (Nido in spanish is for nests) in cliffs.around the 45 lands it has in its fold..This was told by our boatman when we were coming back from one of our day Tour to islands when I saw a bamboo platform jetting out in one of the cliffs as we were passing a island.on our return back and asked him about that facility.

I thought them to be watch towers  or fishing floor for the locals.When I asked the Boatman a different story came.These are the steps used by climbers who are expert in reaching the Birds Nests in steep limestone  cliffs around the Island.

Only trained people called Nido hunters can climb to these difficult places and pick nests of these Swiftlet Birds.Once in 3 months they go back and collect the nest which has been built out of birds own spittle

These nests are bought by the Restaurants and they prepare the very expensive soup.There is a great demand for the locals since they believe the soup increases their virility. The price of nest is around 200 pesos per gram....

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