Thursday, December 5, 2013

TRAILS : 120 Million Year Old Magical Rainforests of Cameron Highlands,Malaysia

Located at about 4 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, I am at Cameron Islands- hiking in one of the most beautiful natural reserves. To be honest, I was very much excited to do all the 14 jungle Trails. After being in a cosmopolitan city in the previous week, I was thinking of the hike which is going to be one of the rarest jungle adventures ever I have taken alone.

I held out a little hope because this reserve was a home for the Malaysian Aborginal people and I was told that we might spot one of their living quarters on our trail up Robinson Falls,a father and his daughter living alone.Starting from the Visitor Centre, there were two trails, a short one 2.5 km and a longer one 5 km.I chose the longer path, as just a light sprinkle began.

Normally I hate the rain which had been impeding my taking photographs all through the trip, but now it was a blessing because it cooled the air and at least momentarily kept the forest bugs away. The trail was well maintained and made for easy walking. I kept a slow and steady pace alternating between watching my steps on the slippery path and looking high up in the trees for catching a glimpse of the exotic birds. I could spot some brightly coloured birds and sound of cuckoos..

The cloud forest was filled with dense forest growth- all sorts of ferns,mosses and orchids were spotted on the trails.Both the trails pass by creeks and waterfalls, some big enough for a swim and Cris cross each other in between.. I found a pool of water to cool my feet and hopped in.It was a bit chiller than expected. So I did not attempt to spend more time in it..

Deep in the trail I took a moment to reflect and it made me realise that I was in a pristine forest in the middle of Malaysia. This was nothing short of amazing and although it wasn't as astonishing as Bromo volcano or Lake Taal , it was certainly worth the visit.

After drying off, I found the the top of the waterfalls and what a view it had in store for me. It is hard to describe how beautiful Malaysia is. Words and pictures really don't do this country justice. Despite the rampant pollution around the worldly was good to be in the midst of  best green forests I have ever seen.

After the hike, I walked through some hilly roads winding through steep valleys until we reached the small city of Brinchang.

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