Friday, December 6, 2013

How I got Caught Into Chew Jetty in Georgetown

It was early evening and the sun was setting in Butterworth side and here I was walking on the Cornish of the Penang Ferry Landing side. There were lots of old wooden shandy type structures in front of me. I just peeped in through an opening between two shops and Wow! I got caught in the mesmerising view of old wooden structures and the welcome sign of Chew Jetty

This Chew Jetty a UNESCO World Heritage Site was established in the mid 19th century with two parts, part 1 (182metres) and part2 (122metres)and  houses 75 dwellings, part of the stilt and walkway. One can experience the sights,sounds and tastes of tradition as you walk along.

One can explore this this traditional Chinese waterfront settlement at leisure.With its homes built on stilts over the sea. One can take a once in a lifetime boat ride, then enjoy an evening meal or a little bite at the barbecue. Immerse in the atmosphere of one of the largest and liveliest Jetties at the end of Gat Labuh Armenian. 

This beautiful traditional village is populated by members of the same clan who once ruled the waters.Now they are a larger community of petty traders,fishermen,stewards and in other jobs

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