Tuesday, December 24, 2013

11 Things You Must Plan When Doing a Trail

I am no exception when I plan a Walking or Hiking trail,I always feel that I am fit enough to do so any length at any point of age.But I have made mistakes in the past .I want you to prepare yourself well in advance usually 4 weeks before undertaking a trail.Well I give below some points in my Travel quip

1.Keep your body fit with all muscles loose to undertake this long arduous trails.

2.Read in advance about the trail which will help you to plan your stops at regular intervals and help to recuperate.

3.Stay in a comfortable place which will help you to have good night sleep and free from any tensions.

4.Always wear a Sun hat to protect you from direct sun rays.

5.Try to join a group so that it will be easy to have a guide who knows the trail and can explain in detail about the richness of the area.

6.Wear the regular shoe you use for walking and do not try a new one.

7.Wear warm clothes which allows air to pass through and you will be comfortable in it.

8.Bring retractable walking sticks which can be used when necessary.

9.Bring small eats,water to keep you happy through out the trail.

10.Bring a rucksack to keep you odd things so that you hands will be free to take picture,hold a branch and wave to people around you.

11.Make up your mind to finish the trail at leisure.

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