Sunday, December 22, 2013

10 Things to Do Before Becoming a World Traveller

Every ones dream is to travel around the world and experience the culture and people.But to make this happen one has to have a good health ,neat habits and flare for Travel.The world is open to all who dare to travel and enjoy the un spoilt nature in its own surroundings.

Here are my favourite Travel Quips to prepare yourself the long journey of Travelling around the World.

1.Dream,Dream,Dream till you start packing your things and go for the unexplored surroundings.

2.To have an Idea about the places read National Geographic Travel Magazine regularly.

3.Learn or adapt yourself to live Frugally and stay in Hostels and Home stays till you are employed.

4.Make short trips to nearby towns,city alone and get connected through friends.

5.Start reading travel stories which are published frequently in News papers to learn what to see and how to make points of interest.

6.Join a local Adventure group and go for hiking and walking Trails with them to acclimatise your body to outdoor Adventures.

7.Start travelling Solo or utmost with a friend to make yourself  feel good and depend on strangers.

8.Learn to Trust People with caution which is required when you land in a difficult situation and need help.

9.Start travelling to Neighbouring countries on a 3 day trip to test your preparedness for the long haul Travel around the World..

10.Be conversant with all gadgets and be a member of Social media networks and learn to text,App and email.

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