Friday, December 25, 2015

Have You Seen The Hanging Bird Cages In Singapore

Singapore is one of the biggest cities in the world to live and the quality of life is very high.It is common to see people walking across the streets,malls,estates to go and catch the Public Transport be it a MRT or SMRT Bus.Even Visitors have to do the same few minutes walking to catch the Bus  or Train.So I tend to do shortcuts to cut across HDB Estates to reach our nearest Public Transport.As I walk I used to notice a number of Flag polls standing in a patch of green.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Do Not Break A Cookie - Hongkong's Jenny Bakery Waiting

I always make it a point to buy an eatable and take it back home and this time from Hong kong it is cookies.Having heard about this famous Bakery from one of my daughters friends,I decided to search for this place in Nathan road in Hong kong.Food makes you remember the memories associated with it.One can recollect the flavour and long for it in the days to come.I found this Bakery is very famous with SE Asian tourists to Hong Kong.I also heard that there will be a long waiting for this place and limited to a person.I wanted to find out the reality in this say.

Jenny Bakery,Hongkong

Friday, October 2, 2015

Avalanche Of Secrets In Revitacura Garden Of Eva In Langkawi

I am having the luck of watching shootings.I mean cinema shootings whether in Hong Kong or Malaysia.I stumble upon the Film crew whether it is for a big budget film or TV Serials.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Do Classic Ever Fade-Reminding Yogyakarta Palace

The Palace in the centre of the rustic town of Jogja is a popular destination for day trippers from all over Indonesia including people from Interiors.During the week it is crowded with school children of different age groups.These children enjoy this outing with their friends and make a merry of the Tour with their enchanting playfulness.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How To Get A good Sleep In Cambodia,The Answer Is Drive A Tuk Tuk

Today is my third day of staying in Siem Reap.As usual I started walking in one direction where all the traffic flows.Once in the junction after crossing the old Market or Psah Chas I took a parallel road to the chaotic traffic.This part of Siem Reap is where all the hotels,Restaurants and mini markets are situated to feed the ever increasing Chinese,Japanese,American and European tourists.The road flows parallel to a beautiful river with water in it.

Tuk Tuk,Cambodia,Tonle Sap Lake,Angkor Wat

Friday, July 10, 2015

7 Warning Signs A Traveler To Avoid In Siem Reap- A Water Wheel

No photo can do justice to the travelers in Siem Reap.The way in which the restaurants have been housed in their traditional charm and beauty one can see it in Siem Reap.All of us talk about Khmer complex and Angkor wat as stunning,humbling,awe inspiring,spiritual or magical but these places of residences are not mentioned anywhere.These restaurants,Hotels give an unforgettable experience and makes our stay more memorable.

Siem Reap,Bullock cart,Hotels

These Hotels are situated along the river and one can have a peaceful walk along the river at any time of the day.Many Tourists who explore the Khmer region temple make Siem Reap as their base.These Accommodation exposes avid traveller to the tastes of old Khmer regime and new culture.They are in all different styles and comfort.

Siem Reap,Bullock cart,Hotels

Some have thatched roofs and others have spas with beautiful facilities and treat every visitor with their khmer traditions.As you walk across you can hear all nations languages.The water wheel on the side of the canal which pails water to the garden is an wonderful sight to reckon with.

Siem Reap,Bullock cart,Hotels,Water Wheel

Even at moon lit night one can see a quite good crowd of Tourists walking along the river enjoying the serene atmosphere and the kit kit sound of the waterwheel pumping water into the garden.The restaurants serve the local gourmet dishes in their wooden bowls under candle lit rooms .If you want an exotic food one can reserve in the elite restaurants and go for Worlds best Dried Snake Salad.

Siem Reap,Bullock cart,Hotels,Water Wheel

The locals sell their hand made goods in the local markets and do not be afraid to bargain for one third of the price offered.As a remembrance go for the world famous Cambodian Puppets and all look like stuff at an economical rates in the old market area
Siem Reap,Bullock cart,Hotels,Water Wheel

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Peace Among People -The Famous CHUNGKING Mansions Of Hongkong

When I started searching for  a reasonable priced accommodation for my stay in Hongkong for 10 days I came across Chungking and Mirador mansions which are in the Tourist area of Hongkong.This place is notorious and has its unique characteristic that makes it a fame to the world.Here one can see a harmonious pot of different nationalities and races from the world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let Me Run Away From This Dry Market

Siem Reap in North western Cambodia has many things to offer .This city is becoming a very great Tourist attraction for its impressive Angkor wat ruins,night life and food.The tourists flock this place year after year for its cheap markets and tasty street food.One can get around this busy city in many ways.One of them is to walk around its markets.

One of the appealing features of these markets are they are in flat ground.You do not have to climb up the steps in this hot sun panting and puffing all the way till you find a place to sit.There are plenty of markets around the central area for you to shop around.

Apart from markets where most tourists throng around to have spicy food,fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the farm is the UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor wat ruins,Tonle Sap Lake,and the surrounding villages.All these talk about Khmer architecture but the markets entice you with aroma.

The market is the real place to meet the locals from nearby village selling their goods and catches on a daily basis.You come to know about their culture and history.Also lies the delicious street food meal after your exhaustive trip around the markets.

The markets is the place where it is not hard for you to spend your cash as they do not accept credit or debit cards and actually nice to splurge.There is no better place than the markets to relax and have a nice time before entering the long arduous task of entering the Angkor wat ruins.

The pub area around this old market is a good place to hunt for  a different lunch be it a French,German,Mexican,Italian rather than an asian style cooking recipes which you encounter all the time.

This Dry market is one in the central area where you will get all the delicacies of Cambodia in neatly packed and at affordable prices.Cambodian they like these dry stuffs more than any one else and there is a clamour for purchase.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How To Reach EDU Hostel In Yogyakarta

I came out of Adisucipto Airport exit looking for the local bus stop to find the Trans Jogja Bus Line to Neabean bus station in downtown Yogyakarta in Indonesia.Normally I will be able to see many travellers carrying their backpacks walking towards the Bus station.But here i could not see any of the young Backpacking crowd.May be all the youngsters head towards Bali where fun and frolic entertains them.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On A Passionate Plan-Cycling Around Angkor wat In Siem Reap

I always use the first opportunity to get into cycling.In that way you can see the life around the city with ease and take memorable shots with your camera.Many travellers prefer to have a guided tour,rent a car,share a tuk tuk or take a scooter to see the places in and around Angkor wat.

These bicycles can be rented at much cheaper rate of US$ 1 per day and if your hotel manager recommends no need to pay the deposit or leave your passport.It is much simpler no carbon emissions.Good health to keep you fit and agile.

Of late I hear many tourists abandon their bicycles once they become tried in and around Angkor wat complex which forces local to charge higher rentals and heavy deposit.But I am conscious of my responsibilities and duty and people trust me.

Yes I can do walking instead of battling around for my space with cars,buses and motor cycles on the road but will not be able to cover more places on foot.So I prefer cycling on my own and all these crowd is till you are in the down town ,once you are out it is a beautiful ride all the way into the numerous depleted temples and unexplored ones.

I had to cycle nearly 8 km to reach the Angkor wat monument area to get my 3 day pass and go around.The waterbodies were very much dry in this season and I kind of had the place to myself.The APSARA Police checks you at regular intervals in main intersections and ensures that you have the relevant valid pass with you.

The temples are covered with huge trees which gives quite a good shade around as you bicycle on the road.