Sunday, December 1, 2013

Do you Know Polish Bell of Happiness in Singapore

It was an early morning  with a cloudy sky and we were on our long walk in one of the appealing trails which takes us through covered forests in the centre of Singapore.Suddenly at the highest point on the trail in one of the restaurants facing the sea we came across a surprising Big Bell and a plaque installed near by and a magnificent Christmas tree.

Constructed in 1909 this century old " Bell of Happiness " served as a nautical instrument on board a legendary Polish tall ship "Dar Pomorza ".After sailing on board the ship for over 80 years and witnessing much of Poland's maritime history.

The bell was later presented as a gift to Sentosa Island in 1992 ans was placed amidst a garden of flowers at the Sentosa orchid Park.It was subsequently moved to atop Mount Faber sitting amidst the romantic atmosphere of the Jewel Box.

The Bell of Happiness since bore witness and blessed many newlyweds with its blissful chimes of peace and romance.The numerous joy and happiness that the bell witnessed throughout the years led to a belief that when the people come together to ring the bell,it signifies an ever blossoming romance,while the echoes that follow are blessings to the couple for everlasting happiness and peace.

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