Friday, December 20, 2013

Beyond Hongkong,View Deck in Wisdom Path,Lantau Island

Many travellers to Hongkong which is a city for Fortune 500 companies take the 5.7 km long Ngong Peng 360 gondola ride which throws out a spectacular amazing views on sea and hills to reach the Big Buddha statue weighing over 200 tons in Lantau Island which is largest of the 200 offshore Islands .But the stop with that and return by bus to reach back to Tung Chung bus station..Very few try to explore the places around it. After visiting the Lantau 36 meter high largest seated Big

Buddha in the world  I found a sign leading to Wisdom path which many young Adventure travellers were taking  for a hiking and Trek further down to the village below.Hongkong is known for its dedicated walking trails with clear sign posts and being utilised by many.And there on the right side  was the view deck in one of the off beaten paths.

Standing in the view deck I could get a full view of the Peaceful Wisdom path huge 38 wooden pillars with the verses from Heart Sutra  beautifully marked on them on one side and another side the magnificent view of a beautiful picturesque lagoon .

I think the trails were used by the monks who lived in the Po Lin Monastery (which has a vegetarian restaurant now) in the olden days to reach the Tai O fishing villages near by and now has become a Tourist attraction for Adventure travellers.

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