Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Surprises in a Village-Sunset in Corong Corong,El Nido,Philippines

After having finished the Tour B in El Nido through Servant Tours ,I was excited to go and see the sunset in Corong Corong.Sunset will not be visible in Elnido as it is blocked by Limestone cliffs on all sides.I took a tricycle along with 2 people and reached the market place of Corong Corong.

I requested the driver to drop to the nearest sunset view point and he immediately obliged.With great difficulty the Trishaw climbed a winding beautiful mountain road and after 5 minutes he dropped me near the highest point in the town.

I could see the magnificent Sun slowly going behind the clouds.I climbed down the steps through a private property to reach the beach sand.I had time to still see the Fascinating Yellow fireball going behind clouds and behind the Limestone cliffs far away.

The beach had 4 feet high Limestone rocks and one had to be careful as they were surprisingly sharp at some spots.I sat in one of the rocks and started enjoying the Sunset view.The tide was slowly increasing and the rocks were submerging in water.

I waited till the Sun went behind the hills and clouds covered them all.It was a beautiful site to watch the Sun going slowly and away from sight and listen to the noise of water slowly hitting the rocks and receding back to the calm Bacuit Bay.I could see small boats anchored on the beach waiting for the next day sailing into sea.

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