Monday, December 9, 2013

CAVES : Mysterious Connecting Caves of Sagada,Philippines

Normally  caves remind us of our Neanderthal period of  living, away from civilisation..Yes it was true and were taken back to that era once we saw the entrance of Sagada caves.Uneven rocks protruding and a nascent crack in the hills and pitch dark.Once we enter,a oblivion surrounds us.I am going to explore the beauty inside.

Here comes our guide with a hurricane lamp which you find still in villages in countryside.As he ignites the lamp which slowly starts revealing the inner secrets it was holding for the last 1000 of years.The path was so steep you had to walk on holding the rocks which are wet after the rains and have to sit and slowly lower yourself to the next stage.

It was pitch dark and the hurricane lamp showing the cave heights and beautiful formation of limestone rocks.When the guide throws the light on the roof you can see the bats flying out of the crevices.The guide caution us to keep in touch with one another and that frequently tourists slip into the deep pockets of the cave and flash floods were common during rains inside cave.

In the last accident they could not retrieve the body and the caves were kept closed for visitors for over a month.We were the first one to go inside after the accident and warned us to take utmost care in each step.We crossed a ankle deep stream and once we reached the other side,the climb had become easy.The rocks looked slippery but when we put our foot on that we were getting a good grip and confidently we marched ahead.

What a stunning sight to look at.The formation looked like a big pumpkin waiting for us to peel them one by one.A real marvel inside that deep mountains.Our fears and tiredness vanished in no time.We were caught awesome by that spectacular sight.

Nothing can match the irony of lost lives and still visitors throng to take this risky adventure and spend a day going through the caves and crawling out through an opening in the mountain from the other end.All the credit should go to our guide who painstakingly took us to reach the bottom wonders of the world.

Suddenly it become pitch dark.While I was in deep thoughts the guide and my other members vanished.No movements.No sound.Pitch dark inside.I was really scared.Blind ,even though my eyes were open.It is really impossible to come out to the real world outside.I shouted in fear.Only I could hear my echo.I am lost into oblivion.

Slowly a light started beaming.Sudden burst of laughter.All of them were standing a few feet away from me only.It is the guide who has created panic in me and all the group enjoyed it thoroughly. I can never ever forget those scary moments of my life.


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