Monday, December 16, 2013

A Magical Tale of Henderson Waves

Many people who travel never realises the importance of a Map as all the Logistics portion are taken care by the Tour operator.But for solo travellers like me ,the first thing we look as soon as we land in a country is the Maps.We just go straight to the Tourism office to collect the Maps.It is a common sight to see many travellers who travel on their own, group together and will be discussing the next plan of action in any Public transport place.

I am also no different.When I landed in the Changi International airport in Singapore I also took the travel brochures and was immersed in it for some time.What surprised me was the adventure trails shown in the city. Singapore being a very small and thickly populated to close 5.5 Million people from South Asian Regions no one would dream of having parks,Forest Trails,Natural sanctuaries,Botanical Gardens in this small nation.

As you walk down one can see the Migratory birds such as Ashby Tailor bird with its centre body in ash grey with a chestnut head,Asian Koel with a black band and red eyes,Black naped oriole,Changeable Hawl eagle,Crimson Sun bird and Greater Rackok-tailed Drango.

Under the National Parks  Board and under Southern Ridges walk comes Henderson Waves which in built in itself a quite good number of Trails to different Travellers has Faber walk,Marang Trail,Canopy walk,Forest walk and Alexander arch to name a few.

As you walk through you come across the highest bridge in Singapore.This 36 meter high artistic and distinctive bridge is above Handerson Road connects the two hills Mount Faber and Telok Blangah hill.

The bridge has a unique wave form made up of seven undulating  curved steel with wooden seats for people to sit and enjoy the scenery including the Harbour view from there.In the night this wave form is illuminated with LED lights between 7 pm and 2 am.The trail is taken by many locals on a regular timings which keeps them fit and energetic.

As I walked down I came across a fine dining restaurant The Jewel box with its spectacular view of cable cars slowly moving to Sentosa..For people who want to chill out after the long Trail there is a hill top chill out bar.For gift lovers there is Amber Gallera to choose the novelties.

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