Thursday, December 12, 2013

TRANSPORT:Holidaying On A Beca Or Trishaw in Penang

The first means of Transport for me to go around an UNESCO World Heritage Town is a Tri Rikshaw or Beca as called in Malay.The person who pedals this eco friendly Rickshaws are quite Knowledgeable about the historic past and can give very good information about the people,the society and how slowly the transformation took place and now how everyone is part of this Heritage Town.These guides are very honest,reliable understands a Tourist and also friendly.

As I went around the chulia street I could see the efforts put up by the Management of Georgetown in depicting the day to day scenes on the walls of ancient buildings.I could see Tourists standing and taking photos ,for their memories, of this place.

It is a nice experience to travel around these Rickshaws as they could be seen only in Asian countries.We buy expensive indoor equipments to keep fit and I could visualise how the world could be if we all start pedalling on bicycles to go to markets,to meet friends,to restaurants etc.Let us take a  vow to pedal at least 10 km in a week and reduce the carbon emissions in our surroundings.

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