Monday, December 30, 2013

Hongkong Entry-Paper Bit Visa in Passport

I have seen Visas being affixed by Embassies in Passport.I have come across E Visa issued by countries.I have experienced Visa being laminated in Passports at the port of entry by countries.Also Visa On Arrival being stamped by many countries.But when I entered Hongkong a rude surprise awaited me.The officer coolly took a paper bit printout like one gets in Super markets and stapled it in one of the pages in my Passport.I was astonished to see this.

Hongkong Street Scene

I got the answer for this simple system a few days after through a local Newspaper article.Hongkong  under SAR of Republic of China issues this type to people from countries with whom it has territorial dispute.Macau also follows similar bit visa system

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