Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stop Hop Shop In Hong Kong

Hong kong is a city with impressive skyscrapers and monumental buildings.You want to see the old golden days of Banking,my suggestion will be to go to Hong kong.Hong kong has maintained its colonial era buildings.But to see Hong kong one has to travel by bus.The bus timetables are available at every bus stop in poles which one has to rotate to see the route numbers.These posters contain time tables showing the arrival time of the bus in the stop and the frequency of each trip.The routes have 5 different frequency's at different time frames and operate less or nil during peak hours.They show timings and frequencies for weekdays,saturday ,sundays and public holdays separately. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Inside The Skin Of A City,Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world.That is the reason many budget travellers skip Hong Kong.But with the advent of home stays it is possible to spend weeks in Hong Kong on budget  enjoying the city for its active picturesque spots.Be it The avenue of stars or the symphony of lights show or the golden Buddha in Lantau Island or its markets.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Angry Birds Of Melaka,Malaysia

I always like Birds and make it a point to visit the Bird Park in the city where I Backpack.In Malaysia it is very common to see a Butterfly parks next to the Bird Park in all Tourist places.They call it Rama Rama and one can see big Butterflies flying across in  its natural habitat and they are not afraid of visitors.But Malaka Bird park is situated in a big 13 acre plot and has more than 3000 birds representing 100 different species and has no butterfly park next to it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hitch Hiking, Is It A Better Option In Philippines

Many times I come across Blogs which talks about Hitch hiking a better way to travel to keep your budget under control.I have been travelling to many countries in SE Asia and have not come accross anyone suggesting this as a better method to have a safe travel.But may be  I will try with a Truck driver or with a family going on a long journey from city to city when I plan my Europe tour next year
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Traversing Intimate Spieces-Rafflesia Flower In Malaysia

When we were in  Cameron Highlands in Malaysia ,we went on a 10km trek into the rainforest to glimpse this flower.A parasitic flower to be precise.Its called the Rafflesia and is the largest flower in the world. The whole process of the blooming of the flower from a small mound to its fully bloomed state takes about 9 months.And it stays in its bloomed state (like you see in the picture) for about 7 days tops after which it decays.Its a poisonous flower but some tribal groups boil the petals of the flower and drink the water after pregnancy to tighten the loose skin.We managed to catch the flower you see on the 5th day.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Temple Run in Mt.Bromo,Indonesia

People are afraid of volcanos but not the Tengger tribe who lives on the foot of Mt.Bromo.Mt.Bromo is situated on a sand desert created by its last fury in Dec 2010 and has beautiful neighbouring mountains which are flush with green fields and taller than the surrounding mountains.It will be interesting to look into the calderas of the two volcanos behind Mt.Bromo but they are very steep and not reachable and do not have steps to climb like Mt.Bromo.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Trek & Trails Hongkong Attractions

Hongkong is famous for many country trails and westerners splurge in Hongkong  nature and beauty.The famous Sai kung country park covers 18533 hectares of land and has the famous Mac Le hose trails which runs for 60 miles from east to west of the country.The trails has great valleys,mountains,steep paths and a recervoir with coastlines running parallel at some places.One can have great view of the sea and the ships as we pass through the kowloon mountains.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

FAT Truths-Hiking Information In Country Parks In Hongkong

The Hongkong country parks provide a great variety of hiking and recreation facilities for a pleasant day outing.But to enjoy a safe and memorable day outing one has to read the following.After reading now I have made a handout and refer to these points before venturing a trail.

Know your hiking ability 

1.Sleep well on the night before your excursions to ensure your feeling mentally and physically strong

2.Carefully plan your route before setting out.Always bring a map and inform your family and partner about where you are going and when will you return

3.Most trails can be walked and enjoyed by visitors with a wide range of ability.But for some longer and higher trails hikers must be experienced and fit.Please refer to the safety points posted for the parks in the net.

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