Monday, February 10, 2014

Temple Run in Mt.Bromo,Indonesia

People are afraid of volcanos but not the Tengger tribe who lives on the foot of Mt.Bromo.Mt.Bromo is situated on a sand desert created by its last fury in Dec 2010 and has beautiful neighbouring mountains which are flush with green fields and taller than the surrounding mountains.It will be interesting to look into the calderas of the two volcanos behind Mt.Bromo but they are very steep and not reachable and do not have steps to climb like Mt.Bromo.

The steps have been provided for the people to do the offerings to the God of Volcanos and any day you can see the families clad in traditional clothes climbing the steps carrying the offerings on their head and with utmost faith and wish  they reach the top at one go.

There is a small Hindu temple for these Tengger Tribes and  is called Pura Luhur Poten at the foot of the volcano.In the 15 th century this Tengger couple did not have any children.They went to Mt.Bromo and asked the Gods for their help.The Gods also obliged but with one condition that their last child should be sacrificed.The poor noble couple obliged and threw away their 25 th child !!!into the crater.The childs voice heard and ordered the couple to hold an annual festival in the temple. 

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Only beliefs keep the mankind to move forward and enjoy the life as it unfolds.

Will You Believe The Mythology Or Accept The Reality ?On Whose Side Are You??

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