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FAT Truths-Hiking Information In Country Parks In Hongkong

The Hongkong country parks provide a great variety of hiking and recreation facilities for a pleasant day outing.But to enjoy a safe and memorable day outing one has to read the following.After reading now I have made a handout and refer to these points before venturing a trail.

Know your hiking ability 

1.Sleep well on the night before your excursions to ensure your feeling mentally and physically strong

2.Carefully plan your route before setting out.Always bring a map and inform your family and partner about where you are going and when will you return

3.Most trails can be walked and enjoyed by visitors with a wide range of ability.But for some longer and higher trails hikers must be experienced and fit.Please refer to the safety points posted for the parks in the net.

Hiking,Hongkong,Trail,South East Asia

Protect yourself 

1.To avoid Mosquito bites, wear light coloured long sleeve shirts and trousers but not shorts and use repellents.

2.To avoid sunburn or heat strokes wear a hat or put in sun creams

3.To prevent heat exhaustion rest when needed and bring in plenty of water.

4.Tap water may not be readily available in countrysides.Bring in sterile alcohol wipes for cleaning and washing.

Hiking,Hongkong,Trail,South East Asia

Be considerate

1.Do not spit or litter

2.Vehicles are not allowed to enter the country parks and special areas  unless with valid permits.

3.Erect tent or shelter and light cooking at the designated areas only.

4.Offenders of the above will be prosecuted.

5.Take your litter to a major refuse collection point for disposal to avoid overfilling litter bins in the country side

6.Keep the toilet clean after use.

Hiking,Hongkong,Trail,South East Asia

In case of Emergency

1.Stay calm ,call the operator and state your situation and location  

2.State your position by referring to the number in the distance post or any prominent landmark nearby.

Hiking,Hongkong,Trail,South East Asia

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