Sunday, March 2, 2014

Visa : Visa On Arrival At Surabaya Airport In Indonesia

We were relieved of the trouble going to an embassy and submitting our request for Visa and waiting to get them stamped.When we arrived in Surabaya Airport in Indonesia from Singapore we were welcomed with a Visa on arrival facility and the process was very simple.As we had exchanged USD 25 for each of us to get the Visa stamped on arrival it hardly took 3 minutes to get the Visa stamped and we were in a line to the Immigration counter.Mostly the locals were returning from work in our flight our Immigration process was very simple.As my daughter had the Singapore ID card and stay permit not much questions were asked.The Visa officer asked where we are going straight.I told him that I am going to Probolinggo.He could not get it correct.


So I said that we are visiting the Mt.Bromo volcano ,he stared at us with a puzzle.He must be thinking when people visit Bali for Holiday destination why this family has chosen to visit the interior Indonesia to see the Mt.Bromo.All VOA on arrival is valid for one month stay in Indonesia.One can get an extension by paying again the same USD 25 and can get it from other designated immigration offices in Indonesia.We were well prepared with the following documents to show to the Immigration officer.

1.Three  passport size photographs

2.Latest bank statement showing a balance of 100K

3.Xerox copies of our Passport with Six months validity.

4.Immigration form duly filled in

5.Visa fees of USD 25 in currency for each of us.

6.Onward Air ticket copy of our travel to Phuket in Thailand from Jakarta

7.Our Hotel bookings receipt in Probolinggo and in Jakarta

But he did not ask for any of these and we were let in to Indonesia with a smile.


  1. Nice to know about the procedures, thanks for putting it up here :)

    1. Thanks.World is full of good citizens.In my travel I have come across people,like this working girl at 9 pm who has given an helping hand and come out of her way to put me in a train station when Manila was in torrential rain due to Santi Typhoon.If not for her I would have missed my bus to Banaue that night.Travel without fear to local and to foreign destinations.Read my blog