Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On The Right Note-Road Cleaning In Hongkong ! !

Hongkong is true to his own identity in many respects.Be it the public transport,Financial markets,Adventure trails.Nothing can beat the fast changing dynamic country even after its release from Britishers many years ago.I admire the pedestrian Footpaths in Hongkong. One day I was walking towards the Ladies market in the afternoon.I always admired the broad 3.5 metre minimum width of foot paths in all roads.Very very broad and user friendly and without any humps and evenly laid with markers showing the direction. 

Hongkong, Road Cleaning, Foot path, Gandhi World Foundation,
But what surprised me was the sight of 5 people meticulously watering the pavements.Initially I thought that some liquid has spilled and hence these people are working to clean it.But when I saw the high pressure jet and a Truck carrying water nearby then only I realised that they are cleaning the Footpaths meticulously and doing it in a systematic manner.The have taken precautions to put the safety boards in place and ensured that all dust is cleaned and marks are scrubbed.

Hongkong, Road Cleaning, Foot path, Gandhi World Foundation,

I have not come across this type of cleaning the roads even in Singapore which is no 1 city for cleanliness and offenders will be fined heavily.All S E Asian countries has to learn a lot to make people take foot paths and enjoy walking.Imagine the amount of saving in foreign exchange it will bring if all these countries reduce the vehicles on road and go for cycling and safe walking.

Hongkong, Road Cleaning, Foot path, Gandhi World Foundation,

Walking stops all your disease was the theme adopted by Gandhi World foundation to promote awareness of good health in Madras Marina some time back. Hongkong is showing us the way.

Will You Be Part Of The Drive To Make People To Walk Daily!!!

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