Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Angry Birds Of Melaka,Malaysia

I always like Birds and make it a point to visit the Bird Park in the city where I Backpack.In Malaysia it is very common to see a Butterfly parks next to the Bird Park in all Tourist places.They call it Rama Rama and one can see big Butterflies flying across in  its natural habitat and they are not afraid of visitors.But Malaka Bird park is situated in a big 13 acre plot and has more than 3000 birds representing 100 different species and has no butterfly park next to it.

Normally all this Bird Park conduct shows at regular intervals and it is nice to watch them.One can see big Parrots flying over their heads making squeaky noises as the land on the trainers hand.After seeing them in their natural surroundings it was heartening  to see these birds kept in a cages and ready for sale.These birds and pets are waiting for some one to free them or make them as their pets in their lovely homes.

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