Tuesday, December 3, 2013

BANAUE :WOW, Mud walled Rice terraces of Philippines

If you see the Twenty peso bank note of Philippines the Banaue rice terraces are placed with its wonderful carved slopes.We reached Banaue in the wee hours after spending 2N1D in the bus battling Santi Typhoon Our Sanafe Lodge was closed with a no disturbance board and our ringing of bells did not help in anyway.

We went to the police booth which is adjacent to the lodge and asked for help.The officer phoned the Night shift supervisor and came with us to the lodge and saw to that we were comfortably placed in our room.Such is the Hospitality of the Ifugao tribe and one can experience this all the way when you travel the hilly region.

Our guide Jerome was ready at 9 am and we hired a mini van to explore the Banaue and also go to Sagada.As our van climbed the hills we were enthralled beauty of the mountains and the Terraces unfolded before our eyes.At some of the lower altitudes people are planting vegetables in it.

As we moved up we were able to see the rice terraces in its full shape spreading across mountains.an enchanting view with streams running below and the picturesque mountains covered with the rice terraces at different stages of growth.These terraces are fed by water from rain forests above.

A few terraces are stone walled but majority of them are mud walled and I can see erosion in them at a few places.Hiking in the terraces exposes you to the beauty of the mountains and depth of view you get around.

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