Monday, December 23, 2013

Wow The Game of Sparrows-Famous Streets in Penang,Malaysia

Many World Traveller who land in Malaysia will visit the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in George Town and start exploring the city by taking the famous walking trails to explore its street art and architectural buildings.They do not miss the surprises in store.The streets of George Town have many hidden histories behind.I give below a glimpse of the ancient streets and their participation in various historical events.

Lebhu King Street was named after King George III and a street of Southern Indian Sailors & Stevedores serving nearby port.It housed street of minor clan houses,as distinguished from 5 main Hokkim clan houses sited to the south,Associations & Temples here reflect different chinese dilect groups.The Historical names were street of cantonese,Heavenly God temple street,Street of opium farms,old Ho Seng street,society street,Behind row of houses in Penang street,Pigeon hole street as very small Brothels found once,The street of Boatmen to name few.

Pitt Street which is called now as Kapitan Keling street was named after William Pitt,the younger(1759-1806) British Prime Minister at time of opening port settlement.A Police station and a Market used to be situated in centre of road.Auction took place in front of Mosque.This street houses 4 main religious buildings St.George's church,Goddess of Mercy temple,Sri Mariamman temple,and Masjid Kapitan Keling.The historical names were Auctioneers Junction,Big Poilce station street,& Big well street as it had a big well for potable water.

Stewart Lane was a 7 historic houses which were destroyed in a fire several years ago and now stands a boutique hotel in its place.Mahjoy (the game of sparrows) was the past time of elders in this vicinity.

Chulia Lane is a very short street where the dominant building determined the local references and had 17 houses.

Armenian Street hosts ever year The Tuapack Kang Hueah Grand float festival  procession to wash away bad luck and bring great health & health to the people of Penang.

Cannon Street was christened when a canon shot was fired during the 1867 Penang riots which made a large hole in this area building and hence the name.It houses famous clan Kein Teik Society,Ghee hin Secret society buildings.I t also has Kapitan Keling Mosque,Kuan Inn temple and Penang State Museum.

Church Street house the Portuguese church which used to be visited by the parishioners and to their dismay  was the Head Quarters of some famous clans of Penang.

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