Thursday, June 4, 2015

Peace Among People -The Famous CHUNGKING Mansions Of Hongkong

When I started searching for  a reasonable priced accommodation for my stay in Hongkong for 10 days I came across Chungking and Mirador mansions which are in the Tourist area of Hongkong.This place is notorious and has its unique characteristic that makes it a fame to the world.Here one can see a harmonious pot of different nationalities and races from the world.

This place is even figured in Michael Connelley's novel Nine Dragons and a movie chungking express.Chungking Mansion once was known as a rough and shady place that earned an iconic status in Nathan Road.

Everyday some where around 10000 people visit its restaurants and shops in the building and around 5000 stay there every night.This building with an array of corridors in the five,17 storey blocks has many establishments all owned by ethnic Cantonese.

You can get a bed for as low as HK$ 160 per night and it is the simple way to see all the attractions in Hongkong.There are many guest houses which are sparkling clean and one can see a lot of touts as you enter the mansion.

The public areas are always under the surveilance of cctvs and now the management which is managed by a 70 year old Lady has installed huge TV screens to see the inside of the elevators.As I walked around I could see lot of tailoring units,small assembly units in that properties.

Chungking mansions is a city within a city.You can get what you want at a better rate than in the streets.I was having fear around me when I walked around the building may be because of what I have read abut this place.

But there were a good number of policeman around and I could see a lot of shady figures moving around and each one of them had their clientele to take care off.But the building stands upright in that busy Nathan street unnerved by the activities in and around.

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