Thursday, May 7, 2015

How To Reach EDU Hostel In Yogyakarta

I came out of Adisucipto Airport exit looking for the local bus stop to find the Trans Jogja Bus Line to Neabean bus station in downtown Yogyakarta in Indonesia.Normally I will be able to see many travellers carrying their backpacks walking towards the Bus station.But here i could not see any of the young Backpacking crowd.May be all the youngsters head towards Bali where fun and frolic entertains them.

I followed the public transport bus sign and walked out to my left side and reached the bus shelter.Since earlier I had been to Jakarta I was familiar with these shelters.I collected the ticket and waited for the bus 3A to the Neabean bus station.Since all the routes in Jog-ja follows a circular route you need the help of the attendant to locate the correct one.

The bus takes around 45 minutes going through the heart of the city.You will see the good part of sight seeing of Yogyakarta in this bus journey which costs only IDR 3000.In my last leg of the journey we crossed Tegu Train station which is about 10 minutes walk from EDU Hostel.

Once the Bus reached the Neabean station I got down and started walking backwards towards the Intersection with signals.There is a band playing  music at the intersection and people were enjoying the music while waiting for the signal.It is very common to see people singing in Buses and small Restaurants throughout Indonesia especially in interior towns and cities.

I reached my destination without much trouble and the Hostel was really awesome.It is meant for backpackers and groups with free breakfast and aircon at an affordable price.What else you need to explore a city at your own convenience.

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