Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On A Passionate Plan-Cycling Around Angkor wat In Siem Reap

I always use the first opportunity to get into cycling.In that way you can see the life around the city with ease and take memorable shots with your camera.Many travellers prefer to have a guided tour,rent a car,share a tuk tuk or take a scooter to see the places in and around Angkor wat.

These bicycles can be rented at much cheaper rate of US$ 1 per day and if your hotel manager recommends no need to pay the deposit or leave your passport.It is much simpler no carbon emissions.Good health to keep you fit and agile.

Of late I hear many tourists abandon their bicycles once they become tried in and around Angkor wat complex which forces local to charge higher rentals and heavy deposit.But I am conscious of my responsibilities and duty and people trust me.

Yes I can do walking instead of battling around for my space with cars,buses and motor cycles on the road but will not be able to cover more places on foot.So I prefer cycling on my own and all these crowd is till you are in the down town ,once you are out it is a beautiful ride all the way into the numerous depleted temples and unexplored ones.

I had to cycle nearly 8 km to reach the Angkor wat monument area to get my 3 day pass and go around.The waterbodies were very much dry in this season and I kind of had the place to myself.The APSARA Police checks you at regular intervals in main intersections and ensures that you have the relevant valid pass with you.

The temples are covered with huge trees which gives quite a good shade around as you bicycle on the road.

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