Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Let Me Run Away From This Dry Market

Siem Reap in North western Cambodia has many things to offer .This city is becoming a very great Tourist attraction for its impressive Angkor wat ruins,night life and food.The tourists flock this place year after year for its cheap markets and tasty street food.One can get around this busy city in many ways.One of them is to walk around its markets.

One of the appealing features of these markets are they are in flat ground.You do not have to climb up the steps in this hot sun panting and puffing all the way till you find a place to sit.There are plenty of markets around the central area for you to shop around.

Apart from markets where most tourists throng around to have spicy food,fresh fruits and vegetables direct from the farm is the UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor wat ruins,Tonle Sap Lake,and the surrounding villages.All these talk about Khmer architecture but the markets entice you with aroma.

The market is the real place to meet the locals from nearby village selling their goods and catches on a daily basis.You come to know about their culture and history.Also lies the delicious street food meal after your exhaustive trip around the markets.

The markets is the place where it is not hard for you to spend your cash as they do not accept credit or debit cards and actually nice to splurge.There is no better place than the markets to relax and have a nice time before entering the long arduous task of entering the Angkor wat ruins.

The pub area around this old market is a good place to hunt for  a different lunch be it a French,German,Mexican,Italian rather than an asian style cooking recipes which you encounter all the time.

This Dry market is one in the central area where you will get all the delicacies of Cambodia in neatly packed and at affordable prices.Cambodian they like these dry stuffs more than any one else and there is a clamour for purchase.

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