Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How To Get A good Sleep In Cambodia,The Answer Is Drive A Tuk Tuk

Today is my third day of staying in Siem Reap.As usual I started walking in one direction where all the traffic flows.Once in the junction after crossing the old Market or Psah Chas I took a parallel road to the chaotic traffic.This part of Siem Reap is where all the hotels,Restaurants and mini markets are situated to feed the ever increasing Chinese,Japanese,American and European tourists.The road flows parallel to a beautiful river with water in it.

Tuk Tuk,Cambodia,Tonle Sap Lake,Angkor Wat

There were many Tuks Tuks carrying the tourists to far of places like Angkor Wat which is the primary attraction of Tourists.The Angkor complex has been designated as a UN Heritage site consists of Hundreds of Temples from the 9 th to 14 th century.These art and sculptors of the Khmer regime which were unearthed recently remained untouched for the last 500 years.

Tuk Tuk,Cambodia,Tonle Sap Lake,Angkor Wat

The cambodian people livelihood is increased by this influx of tourists and the licenced guides who form part of the Tuk Tuk drivers teach travellers about the Culture,Architecture and History of this place near Tonle Sap Lake.I was able to capture one such Guide who was having a good nap in his Tuk Tuk near one of the restaurants.

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