Friday, October 2, 2015

Avalanche Of Secrets In Revitacura Garden Of Eva In Langkawi

I am having the luck of watching shootings.I mean cinema shootings whether in Hong Kong or Malaysia.I stumble upon the Film crew whether it is for a big budget film or TV Serials.

The owner of the Luxury charter cruise boats in Langkawi in Kedah state in Malaysia Eva Zimmerman is a very enterprising German Lady.The garden is her brain child for her NGO called Revitacura.The theme is to bring awareness of obesity in children in the developing world.And Malaysians are no exception.

The centre of the project is a vegetarian kitchen .The idea is to get into a vegetarian way of living bringing the vegetables and fruits directly from the farm and preparing them to suit ones taste buds.This place is a leased one spread around 4 acres and in which Eva can use the cottages,kitchen,store house and a little garden to grow fresh greens and vegetables.

The owner of the land has planted fruit bearing trees in and around and he shows a great interest in maintaining the garden. 

Evas area is being flowered and gardened by volunteers who needs a space away from bustling city life and likes tranquility and peace.She has kept two bicycles and an old battered car for volunteers to use.

This place has become an Heaven for travellers on a long journey and can recoup their energy away from chaotic Hostels,Dormitories.What Eva is looking is volunteers who can work effectively for 4 to 5 hours daily and take care of the visitors to the garden.

Many Travellers around the globe have participated in her programme and have helped to transform her message 'EAT HEALTHY LIVE HEALTHY" through out the Globe.She at every opportunity is converting the premises into fully green kind of things.

The accommodation she provides has bare basic necessities which is well accepted by the nomads and fun loving people.Many have painted the walls with beautiful art and it is really nice to see this positive vibrations around.Having very well gone about the herbal garden and rain water preservation tanks she has decided to go for a TV serial to spread the awareness to many more people.

She is bringing a 13 week TV serial which talks about eating habits ,lifestyle,customs and traditions of people in SE Asia.An Angel investor was roped in by her for this project.

She has made Patricia a famous anchor and TV serial actress of Malaysia and Philip as Director of this production.The first week of shooting was done in Langkawi this week and I happened to be there .

They had come to do the shooting in the garden in which Eva plucks a Papaya fruit and offers to Patricia.

Patricia gleaming accepts the fruit and wonders about the naturally grown fruits in this garden.Both of them are very good actors.. and it was an easy take for the Director.

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