Monday, June 23, 2014

Journey Of Challenges-Sign Posts In Hongkong

I have travelled many Asian countries but nothing can beat Hongkong.The best Tourist friendly place but no doubt very expensive compared to other Asian countries.The moment you are out of the Immigration a big board with names of the important locations in Honkong combined with distance,time it will take to reach and the price you have to pay for taking different modes of transport welcomes you.It also has a very fast train  with limited stops to reach the major places escaping from the traffic jams but quite expensive.

Sign Posts,Hongkong,Travel

To add to our convenience every street junction has sign boards like you see in Google maps clearly giving the directions.It is very easy for a solo traveller to follow these street signs and reach his place of interest in no time.As one should keep in mind that very few Men speak English and all you get is a stare.And I feel this fear of communication and not knowing the cheap places to stay puts of many Backpackers venturing into Hongkong and Macau every year.But they miss the eastern counterpart of New york and the amount of  challenges the city offer for all types of Tourists.No doubt it is filled with Chinese tourists fully over the weekend as Hongkong is connected by fast trains to china without much hassle.

Sign Posts,Hongkong,Travel

There are also many businessmen who have business in Hongkong and on the weekends they move back to their Chinese cities to spend time with their families.Many school children from Mainland travel daily to Hongkong to study in good private schools.Even my house owner was one such person who cannot be contacted over the weekends.I was asked to leave the key and cash when I left Hongkong back to Singapore.Such is the trust they have with foreign tourists.

Will you drop by in Hongkong  in your next trip to Asia and enjoy the Hospitality?

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