Monday, November 18, 2013

RAFTING: Beyond Pekalen Atlas River Near Probolinggo,Indonesia

On our 3 day Indonesia Trip we were heading towards the Pekalen Atlas River,a nice rafting path for a 12 Km rafting experience which was conducted by Songa Adventure.This rafting base is located about 15 km from Probolinggo town.Once we reached the camp the instructor gave a briefing about the safety aspects of rafting and the safety gear..

We got our hard hat,life jacket and an oar and marched towards an open jeep.We had to climb uphill standing on the jeep,a real bumpy ride to reach the starting location.And down walking a narrow slippery  path to reach the raft.On the way we could see cattle quietly grazing on fresh grass.

The rubber rafts were put in its place and the guides started ballooning it.The guide started telling us the rafting terms like Maju-Row fast,Mundur-Row back,Stop,Pindah Kiri - we have to move left.. Boom-sit on the floor doing nothing.I liked the Boom but danger !!! there is going to be a big fall ahead and we have to scream..

It was really difficult words but we managed to memorise as we were all worried about our safety.And this was our first experience of doing rafting in a real flashing,bubbling river running through mountains.One cannot predict the river flow as it will divert itself when there is rain in the upper catchment areas and sudden flash floods are common. 

On the way we were on a smooth flow,suddenly the guide said go to your left side.We all reacted immediately.Aha..Aha We were in ice cold water.We were fooled by the guide. On the way we passed 5 waterfalls or so we lost count.And there is a pit stop in the middle.We got our crispy rolls and hot tea.A complete refreshing after the treacherous rafting .We had our photos taken and continued further down.

Atlas we reached our end point.Yes we were tired but worth, after seeing the super some scenery,Light water falls,Gushing river,Birds chirping around,Stillness in the jungle  when no other boats are near by,The rocky mountains,Clear warm sky.Even the river was so friendly with max depth of 3 meters and width of 20 meters in some places.Hats off to our guide who was fun all the way through

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