Thursday, November 28, 2013

TRAILS : Wisdom Path in Lantau Island,Hongkong

The Lantau Island in Hongkong hides many mysteries inside her.The path is hidden from any ones view and in the mountain.It takes about 20 minutes to walk through the Tea Garden Plantation.One will get a feeling of walking through a forest but you have a a good cemented path.In fact the walk crosses many famous Trails of Hongkong.

One sees a spectacular view of mountainside and feel a cool rush of air rejuvenating your adrenalin as you walk towards it.I was so elevated and was in a meditative mood when I reached the place.I came across Trekkers who were taking a long 2.5 km trek through the mountains to reach the next nearby village.

I came across a big board showing the Trekking Trails in that area.A man who cannot speak English started explaining the path he has taken from the foot of the mountain and showed me a Blue lake which he crossed on his way to here.Such is the beauty of the trails.

The Innovative part is the 38 Half round Wooden beams erected in a figure of Eight path , meaning eternity  at a high level.You have a viewing point nearby to see the great sea and valley down and it is really magnificent.Bronze Buddha is visible from this path also.Each wooden beam bears some Chinese characters  2 feet by 2 feet of the 260 word prayer.I felt like I reached the eternal salvation and was at peace again.

This is also called as "Heart Sutra" which replicates one in Shandong.This prajna-paramita Heart Sutra is a Sanskrit term which translates to" Perfection of Wisdom'.The doctrine of emptiness also spells out the relativity of all views. When one acquires this Wisdom of 'emptiness', one will realise that all physical and mental events are in a constant process of change, and accordingly everything can be changed by modifying the conditions

With great satisfaction and reluctantly I climbed down.There is a Vegetarian restaurant near the temple which sells a mouthwatering Vegetarian cuisine,coffee and pastries.Do not forget to wet your stomach as part of proceedings goes to maintenance of the surroundings

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