Thursday, November 21, 2013

TOURS:Paradise Island Tours in El Nido,Philippines

I love beaches and El Nido in Palawan keeps to herself the beauty of clear Blue waters, surrounded by Mountains,Rocks lashed by gentle waves,Green forests and White sand .The paradise is unfolding before my eyes.I am waiting at the Servants Tour operator to get into El Nido Island Hopping  Tour B.Our group consisted of one couple from Russia,Mother and daughter from Israel and me.

Our Days itenarary is to visit Pangulasian Island,Snake Island,Cudagnon Cave,Cathedral Cave,Pinangbyutan Island.Already I have started imagining the crowds in these places.First we reached PGN Island.We could see a private resort and a beach with a guard marching on the shores,The Russian Lady shouted in astonishment....

A large Lizard after finishing its sunbath in the beach was moving back to the Green forest behind.We were the first to arrive in that Island.The guide Mike advised us not to enter into the Private area.He allowed us to go for Snorkeling in that calm waters.We could see the jetting of Limestone rocks and beautiful color fishes swimming past us in the clear waters.

Then We moved to the Snake Island,The snake Island consists of a hill which gives a beautiful view of the mountains around you and the small ships plying in waters below.There is a stretch of sand dune bar which connects the two islands and is visible in low tides.I walked from one end enjoying the mangrove forests,Here quiet few tour boats Japanese,Korean had anchored.All the Boatmen were busy preparing lunch in the island.

The we went to Cudagnon cave.Our Guide took the safety jackets from the boat which is going to be used for crawling into the cave and protect our body from sharp stones.Inside the caves a path to climb to the top of the cave,A risky path indeed.The Russians climbed and started taking snaps.The Limestone rock formation jetting out like sharp knives and slippery too.

Then we motored down to PB island.On the way we saw that Cathedral Cave,The opening to the cave looks like a cathedral fron view and hence its name.As the Island is infested with Snakes we skipped and passed towards our Paradise Island PB When we reached we were the only people in that Island.An Island to ourselves for another 45 minutes..

A few months back a Foreign reality TV has made this as their shooting place and we could see some of the Huts left behind.This gave a beautiful scenery with Coconut trees in the back ground and hills to climb.But none of us ventured into the rocky mountains.The Russian couple went for a walk around the Island as it is known as Lovers Paradise by locals.

The Israeli girls again went for a snorkeling.As the Sun started climbing down we moved back to El Nido by 5 pm fully satisfied with Servant Tours operation

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