Friday, November 22, 2013

ART:Walking Tour On Streets of Georgetown,Penang

I always feel great to be in  a known environment when I am in overseas.I kept my Backpack in the cot at Love Lane Inn in Love Lane  in Georgetown ,a walking distance from the ferry pier.This is my second visit to Penang and still I know there are many places which has to be seen and enjoyed.As I started walking down the old street These artworks started popping up at the entrance of the street.

And I was told that these were put up as  part of ' Making George Town ' campaign in the year 2009 which depicts the feeling of street and social heritage.These vibrant showcase of street art were the works of cartoonists such s Tang Mun Kin and Baba Chugh.

All these steel rod sculptures at street corners do come out with funny theme headings like Try Try Thing,Too Narrow,Procession,Creating Husbands and they showcase the Daily life created by artist Jimmy Choo.

These Steel Rod Sculptures were put by a company called Sculpture at Work and their works have been welcomed by the locals as these show their children the daily happening of Penang which are slowly being giving way in the fast space world.

I think I need  to be around  for many more weeks to see all these works and also the art of Murals which has been painted in the inner alleys of Georgetown by the famous Lithuanian artist Ernst chaceric.May be I will plan my visit to spend at least a week in the streets of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Town of Malaysia

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