Thursday, November 14, 2013

BEACH:Children's Day Outing in Sands

I can see the glee in your eyes.Running to the water and splashing it on others.That is what I will do whenever I go to Beach and I do not miss the Morning stroll in Beach. In a place like El Nido no chance at all..As usual I was casually walking on the Beach,I could see at distance some women trying to make their babies walk.

 As I came closer my doubts cleared.The little ducklings quite happily giggling were doing their steps on the beach.Seeing me the women were quite nervous but were concentrating on their efforts to teach the babies to walk.

No wonder these little ones as they grow have no fear of the waves and the winds and start playing in the sea with ease .They were quite good in catching little fish as these children I see were doing.May be this training by their mothers make Philippinos to go for sea when they become adult and are much sought by the

shipping lines throughout the Globe.I can see the happiness in both the mother and the kids as they feel at home with the sea and are brave enough to phase the Typhoons that lash the country every year.

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