Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MONKS:Historic Snake Temple Of Penang

The snake temple,officially known as Hock Kin Keng was built for the worship of deity 'Cheong Chooi Chor Soo'.Chor Soo Kong, Buddhist monk from China was held in high esteem by the locals because of his Greatar virtue,wisdom and invaluable services to the community during his life time.

Legend says that Chor Soo Kong .who was also a healer,gave shelter to the Snakes of Jungle.after the completion of the Temple Snakes appeared on their own accord and people began calling it as Snake Temple.After deforestation started the numbers have come down.

But still you can see uncaged snakes lying around the main deity enjoying the camphor sticks smell and the sight scared me like anything.I never went near but stayed well away from them.Every year thousand's of devotees throng this temple on the birthday celebrations of Chor Soo Kong.

This Temple is near  Industrial Estate and the Bus frequencies were very less.But many Backpackers make it  point to visit this famous Place albeit the trouble.They travel to this places gives  complete view of the modern Georgetown with High rise buildings and the shocking contrast of Snake Temple in the middle.

I would like everyone who comes to this old town to come and experience the snakes ,pretty long vipers sitting cooly and occasionally rising their heads to see you.The feeling I had was  mixed one after coming out of this temple.I could see  chinese parent explaining to their daughter the story bout the Monk and his sacrifices to the Society.

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