Friday, November 22, 2013

TRANSPORT : BRTS, Pay Just & Travel in Jakarta, Indonesia

After landing in Jakarta on my flight from Surabaya by Airasia I started looking for two things after the Immigration was over.One was the Tourist map from the Tourist Information Center and the other a Bus & Train map displayed prominently to cater Backpackers like me.When I am alone on  Backpacking I live on Frugal budget and see many countries at short notices and these cheap and reliable modes of transport are very very important to me
These Public services help me to interact one one to conversation and to know about the unseen places normally skip by Tourists.Many times I have been overwhelmed by their necessities which puts me in an awkward positions to deny their help.The people were so nice that they come all the way to help you get into a bus and inform the local about me and help to get down to my Hostel Six Degrees in cikini area

The BRTS in Jakarta is the best Transport system I had come accross in South East Asia.It boasts of a cheap fare and good connectivity to many interior parts of Jakarta.The frequency of buses are good and time and route numbers are prominently displayed.

More over I could buy a ticket at the bus stop itself which saves time and unnecessary locking of cash in the electronic cards which normally many developed countries adopt.Cash is very precious for a Backpacker in any situation.The station is housed in the middle and are connected by easy ramps to get in and get out which is very friendly for old and disabled people.

I interchanged at two stops ,carrying one ticket to reach my destination Taman Mini and no walking or climbing steps for transfers.These buses travel both through dedicated paths and in normal roads also which is great advantage to commuters coming from alleys.Moreover the buses are less crowded in non peak hours and one can see the city in its true charm.

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