Wednesday, November 27, 2013

THRILLER : In Woods - Hanging Coffins Of Sagada

I am taking back to you Michael Jacson times.I have listened to his Thriller songs.It keeps me nailed to my seat.Similar experience I felt as our minivan nudged the top spot in this tiny Sagada  village outskirts .I see Trekkers coming through narrow paths wading through bushes and having better close view of the coffins than me.

The guide showed me,at a distance all covered with thick forest,saying the Hanging Coffins which are 2000 years old are there.Yes they were sitting on the projections,very very difficult to climb, in the hill.I could see a piece of skull and bones crossed kept nearby.

It needs Bamboo sticks with pole vaulting ability to reach this cliffs on the hills..Hi I am joking Really no one allowed near except their close descendants.The steep of the hill will make any one to stop and return back.But the Coffins are there for us to see.

I can see the troubles the Igorot tribal  people of this mountain province  must have taken to reach and do the final rites for the departed soul.But it is interesting to hear from the guide  that these coffins were hand carved by the elderly Igorots themselves from pine trees.The belief is the higher the body is laid ,you are closer to heaven.

The ancient way of burying this way  is slowly disappearing but the descendants of this small tribe is still continuing this practise.I was told that the latest one being 5 years old. I return back with astonishment immersed in thoughts that Sagada is not only famous for its mountains and echo valley beauty  but the culture and traditions being followed in this part of the World

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